Why Choose Fast Small Business Financing?

Approvals In 24 Hours

6 Month Business Bank Accounts

One Page Application

Advances Between $2,500 & $500,000

Advances In Under 7 Days

No UCC’s Filed Against The Business

No Personal Guarantees

Unsecured – Require No Collateral

What We Review:

  • Monthly Revenues
  • Average Daily Balances
  • Time in Business
  • Negative Days
  • NSF’s
  • Tax Liens (must be on payment plans)
  • Recent Bankruptcies (must be discharged)
  • Host of other factors to help provide a fast lending decision in under 24 hours

We are Fast Small Business Financing

Have you ever gone to your bank for a loan only to be declined?  Or have you applied for a bank loan for your business and waited 30, 60, even 90 days for a decision? Small business owners in need of capital can now turn to us, Fast Small Business Financing.  We offer a true alternative to business funding when you need it most.   We can provide you a lending decision in less than 24 hours and if you need a capital infusion fast we can have it in your account in less than a week.  

We understand that banks look at your personal credit score should as the determining factor in getting a small business loan.  Alternative funding sources, like us, look beyond your FICO and put emphasis on your business’ performance.  Providing alternative funding is a fast, efficient, and reliable option to your bank. While it may be more costly, it is an extremely viable option when you need fast small business financing.  

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How Our Service Works

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Everything You Need to Know about

Unsecured Revenue Based Loans & Merchant Cash Advances

  • These are not actually loans but advances
  • Flexible daily payments
  • Once cash is dispersed, they are repaid daily, M-F, from your bank account or via your credit card sales
  • An amount is debited that will not cause cash flow issues
  • Advances run  between 2-18 months
  • Costs are between 19-45%

Our Process is Simple. Get Started Today.   Apply Now!

Can I receive Fast Small Business Financing if I Have A Tax Lien or Bankruptcy?

We can provide financing under those circumstances as long as you are on a payment plan or your bankruptcy has been discharged. We look beyond personal credit scores and place much more emphasis of the performance of your business.   Fast Small Business Financing has lending relationships with underwriters that know how to properly view a small business owner’s credit profile.  Small business funding is imperative for our economy and fastsmallbusinessfinancing.com is here to help.

What do these have to do with business performance? Nothing.

Fast Small Business Financing recognizes that. We have an extremely smart underwriting model that allows us to make this funding process hassle free.  Very little documentation, relative to what banks require,  a very fast decision process and quick funding make this a friction-less process.

Business owners that need capital usually need it for expansion, a great inventory purchase, new hires, training programs, supplies, upgrades and even to pay taxes.  General working capital is often a use of alternative business funding so the business owner can keep his/her eye on their business and concentrate on making money rather than worrying about coming up short for say payroll.


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Our Process is Simple. Get Started Today.   Apply Now!